Thank you for your interest in booking Harley Boone. Below is a basic list of our technical requirements. This rider helps to ensure that your event will go over flawlessly. Please don't let any of the technical verbiage be overwhelming. Our team of professionals will help every step of the way.

Stage requirements: 24' x 16' (preferred), 16' x 12' (minimum), if stage is higher than 12" then stairs or ramp (preferred) must provided for loading and unloading of equipment, stage must be covered and properly secured if outdoors. **In order to provide the best sound quality possible we request that our sound engineer be located approximately 75' in front of the stage. If this is not possible then we will adjust to meet the needs of your venue and event. 

Power requirements: Preferred: 50 Amp, Single Phase, 125/250 Volt, 3-Pole, 4-Wire, Grounding (NEMA 14-50r receptacle) or 50 amp, Single Phase, 125/250 Volt, 3-PQl~, 3-Wire, (NEMA lQ-50r receptacle) Minimum: 3 independent 120 Volt 20 amp circuits less than 50' from the stage. Generator (if applicable): 25 KW (minimum), 35 KW  (recommended), capable of maintaining a consistent 110 Volt to 125 Volt, single phase, 50 amp (minimum), 60 cycle, plus or minus 10%, 0-load to full load service.

Dressing Room & Meals: Private dressing room to accommodate band and crew (total of 10), please have cold and room temperature water available in dressing room
 prior to load in, hot meal or Subs/Deli tray (with bread) and condiments for 10 people. Harley Boone and crew thank you in advance for your gratuitous hospitality.

Band Backline (provided by Harley Boone unless otherwise stated):

1 5pc Drum set 
1 Bass Guitar 
1 Electric Guitar 
1 Acoustic Electric Guitar
1 Fiddle 
1 Stereo Keyboard 
1 Stereo Organ 
4 Vocals 


Harley Boone travels with professional sound and lights when not provided by client or venue. When using provided sound and lights, it is assumed that there is a well sized PA system with sufficient amplification to supply a clean and undistorted 105db SPL RMS to the mixing desk plus a powerful and feedback-proof monitor system or in-ear monitor system. It is required that every member have an independent monitor mix. The crew requires a minimum of two and a half hours setup and the band will require a minimum of forty-five minutes for sound check. This is to ensure that your event has the best possible sound with no technical issues.  As always, we will work within the constraints of your venue and event. A full stage plot and input is provided below. Please call or text the number below with any questions or concerns.


Bubba Farmer
Tel: 804-909-7571