Harley Boone

From Campgrounds to Country Clubs, Harley Boone is the perfect choice  when there is a desire for live Country music entertainment.

The band pays homage to the Country music legends of the 70's, 80's & 90's whose music has stood the test of time. Along the way you will also hear some of our favorite modern Country artist's that we feel deserve some recognition too. Don't be surprised if you hear us take a temporary departure from our Country roots and mix in some other familiar sounds. It's a foot stomping, fiddle sawing, jaw dropping, guitar picking, everyone singing along kind of party.  It's all part of the Harley Boone experience. So whether you love Country music or want to hear something new, make sure that you check out Harley Boone at our next performance.  Its guaranteed to be a welcoming and energizing experience that always delights and never disappoints.



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